Richard (haytanbello) wrote in venezuela,

Cachapa (self-devised recipe)

Gather these ingredients: 1 lb frozen yellow corn kernels (from Trader Joe's) (or equivalent amount cut from a cob); wheat flour; yellow corn meal; salt; brown sugar; milk; corn or canola oil.

Allow the corn to defrost. When it's completely unfrozen, place it in a blender and add just enough milk (maybe a quarter of a cup at first, adding a little more as needed) so that the corn will liquify. As the corn and milk are liquifying, add salt and brown sugar, tasting as you go, until the mixture has a strong raw cachapa taste -- i.e., it should be sweeter and saltier than cachapa normally tastes, and since the corn is raw it will have a raw taste, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. When you've achieved that taste, pour the liquified corn into a mixing bowl.

In a separate bowl, place 5 or 6 HEAPING soup spoons of flour and 4 HEAPING soup spoons of corn meal. Mix together thoroughly.

Fold the dry mixture into the wet mixture gently, like you would any pancake mixture (to keep the batter as light as possible; to prevent it from becoming sticky/gluey, like bread dough). Also fold in about 4 tablespoons of corn or canola oil. If the resulting batter is too thick to spread relatively easily on the surface of your frying pan or griddle, fold in a little more milk until it will spread relatively easily. Also, taste the batter to make sure it tastes like raw cachapa (it will still have the aftertaste). You may want to fold in a little more brown sugar and/or salt to get just the right taste.

Preheat a large frying pan or griddle as you would for cooking pancakes. I usually keep individual cachapas relatively small (maybe 5 or 6 inches diameter), because they're easier to flip (as you're cooking them) and eat and store. Cook the cachapas as you would pancakes.

These days I usually eat my cachapa with Havarti cheese I get at Trader Joe's.
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